We take our role as contributors to urban planning seriously.

Our projects are developed based on the belief that urban planning:

  • Requires a systematic approach
  • Is an interdisciplinary process
  • Finds its strength in cultural activities, creative milieus, lively neighborhoods, and image-creating buildings
  • Supports the development of urban USPs
  • Focuses on an attractive job market, international accessibility, and social-cultural development
  • Facilitates the combination of creative economy and knowledge economy with complex urban structures
  • Ensures international competitiveness and increases attractivity for best qualified and innovative workers
  • Guarantees safe neighborhoods and a compact, user-friendly city
  • Enables social cooperation and active neighborhood relationships
  • Actively engages with European socioligical changes (singleisation, patchwork families, active best agers, work migration, etc.)

We believe in urban renewal that respectfully combines the traditional with the modern. In the concept development phase, we engage with interest groups and opinion leaders to achieve consensus about major issues.

We create buildings for people and their needs. Throughout project conceptualization and implementation, we focus on the human needs for safety, social harmony, a healthy life balance, a compact city, environmental consciousness, and economic security. We develop high quality, sustainable projects that are gender-conscious and multigenerational, socio-culturally diverse, and socially integrative. We work against social exclusion and for a successful work-life balance for our tenants, neighbors, and visitors.

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