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Reconstruction will temporarily close the hypermarket

The Albert hypermarket located in the the Varyáda shopping center will be open until the beginning of August. After that, the store will be closed for a few weeks just to welcome customers back in mid-September. The announced closing of the hypermarket is related to the extensive reconstruction of the entire shopping center.

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Shopping centers are coming back to life in the Czech Republic. Merchants are helped to grow interest in services and plan new branches

The first three months of this year indicate that retail in the country has already come to terms with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Visits to domestic shopping centers increased by four percent year-on-year which led the sales to experience a six percent boost. This is reflected in the Shopping Center Index of the CBRE consulting company,which long-term monitors the performance of 23 important shopping centers outside of Prague.

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This is how new Varyáda will look like inside. It will offer a lot of greenery

EPG Group, whose portfolio also includes the Varyáda shopping center in Karlovy Vary, has already published the first final look of the interior of Varyáda after its expansion. The visualization mainly concerns the new entrance passage, the entrance to the new Albert and also the food court zone, i.e. the part with refreshments. From the pictures, it is clear that the owner is fulfilling his plans and visions, because the dining area is full of greenery and pleasant corners. More

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Reconstruction and extension of the Varyáda shopping centre, Karlovy Vary is in full swing

The Varyáda shopping centre in Karlovy Vary is currently undergoing an extensive reconstruction and expansion, which aims to bring visitors an even better shopping experience. Work is progressing at a rapid pace with the centre fully operational, with the first new features awaiting customers at the end of the summer holidays. The lettable area will increase by a full third in the future and will offer over 100 shops and services, including a modern multiplex cinema. Shopping will be more

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EPG Group introduces lifestyle podcasts directly from shopping malls

Investment group EPG Group plans to connect shopping and entertainment in a way never seen before. It will start recording lifestyle podcasts with famous personalities in its shopping centres. People can look forward to captivating conversations not only about fashion and shopping, but also other areas of interest: from gastronomy to culture and sports to travel. The podcasts, supporting both audio and video formats, will be recorded on the premises of the centres, giving them a specific touch and atmosphere.

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EPG begins reconstruction, extension of Varyada

EPG Group has begun the reconstruction of Varyada, the 21,000 sqm shopping mall it owns in Karlovy Vary. This is no mere facelift. Varyada was a huge change for local residents when it opened back in 2005. Among others, its completion in 2005 meant they didn’t have to drive all the way to Pilsen to find fashion shopping. But shopping habits and trends have changed a lot over the past 20 years, making a radical re-think necessary. The most basic

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