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Central statiues

In the center of Most, there will be red sculptures by Flejšar. Central is having them made.

Two metal sculptures by the artist and athlete Jakub Flejšar will soon appear at the Central department store in Most, who, in addition to creating large figures, became famous as the coach of the Olympic snowboard cross champion Eva Adamczyková (Samková). The shopping complex published a visualization of the location of the new buildings for Most city on its website. The appearance of the sculptures is for illustration purposes only and may differ from the final work. “The statues are being

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Young people moved from the streets to shopping centers.

Malls in the region can be a paradise for youngsters, especially during the chilly spring break. In Most, some young people have turned a shopping center into a track for scooters.  Here they have comfort, facilities, refreshments within reach, warmth and, above all, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. After the massive advancement of cell phones, the youth moved from the streets to the malls. However, Karlovy Vary is not as bad as the nearby Most , where young people used to ride scooters to the shopping

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There will be a Balonkomat and a new hairdressing salon in Central. Sushi and coffee shops are being negotiated

In April of this year, a new men’s and women’s hair salon will open near the renovated Albert in the Central mall in Most, and a month later a new shop with tobacco products, Don Pealo. In June, the T-mobile store will also move to these two establishments. “In the existing unit of the mobile operator, Balonkomat will open its new store, which is now located in front of the shopping center in Jaroslava Průchy Street,” Martin Malý, director of marketing

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The post office in Most is not planning reconstruction, the leader in improving the city center is Central

The lower part of the Most city center will begin to significantly fall behind the more attractive upper part. Public institutions are replaced by a more active private sector in improving the surroundings. It’s a strange sight. In the hall of the 1978 Bridge Post Office, next to an old heater and heavy metal windows that blow through, a flat screen broadcasts advertisements about improving services for people. They can use the electronic check-in system and sit on different chairs than under socialism, but the building

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Most renovation

Shopping mall Central Most is undergoing extensive renovation for hundreds of millions crowns

The Central Most shopping center, the only one in Most and its surrounding areas, is undergoing a complete reconstruction. This began in the first half of 2020 when the food court received a completely new look. Last year, the common areas of the center, including lighting and flooring, were completely renovated. This year, the shopping center is awaiting the refurbishment of its main entrances, and in the following year, the exterior façade will be renovated, photovoltaic panels will be installed

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Most sbírka Ukrajina

Most City launches a material collection for Ukraine. Establishes a collection point in Central. When, where and what exactly to bring?

The city Most establishes in cooperation with the shopping mall Central Most collection point where people can bring material aid to Ukrainian families fleeing the war in their country. In Most it will be possible to bring the necessary items to the collection point in the former ORESI kitchen store, which you will find on the right before entering Central on 1. náměstí. The collection point will start its operation on Tuesday, March 1 and will be open until further notice

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