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Central Most Mall Refurbishment

Refurbishiment of shopping mall in Most city center.


After fifteen years of operation, it is slowly becoming evident that our shopping center needs to regain its shine. A transformation will take place in every part, from the floors to the roof. We have successfully completed the first phase of the renovation in the Food Court, and the new flooring has already passed durability tests, while the designer lights entice center visitors to admire them. Greenery has been added to the interior spaces, along with new benches that create pleasant relaxation oases.

The second phase of the transformation of the center was the laying of new paving and lighting. The architects were inspired by the Italian square and promenade. Italy, as a European country, that symbolizes diversity, is full of colors and reflects the latest fashion trends. For visitors to Central Most mall, the laying of new paving promises a place that will remind them of a shopping mecca and a meeting place. Just as the creators tried to think about the new paving with various Italian patterns, the variety of lighting also increases the variety of Central. Different types of design lighting emphasize important places such as the main entrances, but also individual axes and intersections of the center. The added value of the new lighting is its programmability and the possibility of setting the modes according to the time of day.

Our aspiration was to create an environment that inspires creativity, offering not only a shopping but also a space for relaxation. At the entrance from Radniční Street, two new terraces have been introduced, providing a delightful setting for savoring your favorite coffee or indulging in a delectable lunch from a local restaurant. In conjunction with our entrances, a pivotal facet of the reconstruction involved the complete replacement of classic sliding doors. These aging doors have now been exchanged for modern carousel doors, which not only enhance energy efficiency but also deliver a more practical and user-friendly experience. Simultaneously, a new escalator was installed at the entrance from Budovatelů Street, significantly improving accessibility for those arriving from nearby bus and tram stops.

Our shopping center serves as a captivating venue for showcasing an array of art pieces, enhancing the ambiance both within and around the premises. We are committed to raising awareness about these works and bolstering the local artists by providing them with a platform to introduce their creations to the broader audience. Ultimately, our goal is to elevate your visit to Central Most mall, a cultural and social nucleus in Most, ensuring a more enjoyable experience.

The goal of the reconstruction of the shopping center is undoubtedly energy self-sufficiency, which could reduce the cost of electricity consumption in the long term. We plan to invest funds in the installation of photovoltaic panels, which will be installed on the already renovated flat roof of the shopping center. With the booming electromobility, the shopping center will also be equipped with electric car chargers.


saving thanks to electricity saving measures


pieces of photovoltaic panels that will cover the electricity consumption of approx.. 50 family homes


short-/long-term tenants onboard

19k sqm

built up AREA

3.95 yrs

wault as of dec. 31, 2022

18 yrs

of its History