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Reconstruction and extension of the Varyáda shopping centre, Karlovy Vary is in full swing

The Varyáda shopping centre in Karlovy Vary is currently undergoing an extensive reconstruction and expansion, which aims to bring visitors an even better shopping experience. Work is progressing at a rapid pace with the centre fully operational, with the first new features awaiting customers at the end of the summer holidays. The lettable area will increase by a full third in the future and will offer over 100 shops and services, including a modern multiplex cinema. Shopping will be more convenient thanks to a new side entrance, self-service checkouts in the Albert hypermarket and overall modernised areas including the food court. The improved shopping centre has the potential to become a popular destination throughout the Karlovy Vary Region. Visitors can look forward to a unique mix of shopping, gourmet experiences and cinematic entertainment.

“The transformation of the Varyada started at the beginning of the year in the back of the centre. Rough construction work consisting of an extension and the construction of a new side entrance has already been completed, so we are currently starting to implement the interior spaces. Specifically for the Albert hypermarket, the dining area and other rental units for which new space has been created. At the same time, we are moving further construction work to the front part of Varyáda, where construction of the Premiere Cinemas multiplex and a new entrance arcade with additional shops and service outlets will begin at the end of May,” comments Martin Malý, marketing and communications director of the investor EPG Group.

The modernisation of Varyáda includes not only improvements to the existing premises, but also a significant expansion to better meet the growing needs of customers. The number of retail units will increase to more than 100 from the current 70. Meanwhile, the diverse tenant mix will be based on the specific needs of local residents, i.e. with an emphasis on women’s and men’s fashion, as well as sports brands.

A bus stop will be created directly in front of the main entrance for the Line 2 bus, which connects Varyada to the city centre and terminates near the spa at Theatre Square. At the same time, there will be a public space where various outdoor activities of the centre can take place, such as the popular Food Festival, farmers’ markets and various events for children.

The new side entrance to the centre will also be a great asset. This will allow quicker access to refreshments in the food corner as well as to food shopping in the Albert hypermarket. A drive-in zone for customers of two fast food chains with drive-in/car service will also be a new feature.

In addition, a number of eco-friendly solutions will be introduced in the centre. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the Varyada, traditional advertising surfaces will be replaced by LCD displays and charging stations for electric cars will be set up in the car park. At the same time, vehicle entry will be controlled with the help of an automatic number plate recognition system.

A main entrance arcade will be created in the newly added front area, which will also include an information booth for visitors. On both sides there will be a variety of shops, mainly with fashion, shoes and accessories. In the left section of the extension, a Premiere Cinemas multiplex with six screens will be built, which will put Karlovy Vary alongside other regional cities that offer their residents modern multiplexes. It will open its doors in July next year and will offer audiences a real cinema experience in the form of fully air-conditioned and wheelchair-accessible auditoriums with the latest projection and sound technology – be it the latest generation of powerful laser projectors or Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound in the largest auditorium. The new multiplex has ambitions to become a popular venue across the region and attract more visitors to the city. In the future, a cooperation with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is being considered, which would gain additional screening space thanks to Varyada.

Visitors to Varyada will also find a completely new food court, the design of which will be inspired by the nearby Ore Mountains. The majestic mountain range is an imaginary oasis of tranquillity and untouched nature, and the new food zone will similarly serve as a source of recharging energy while shopping. The chosen leitmotif is reflected in the smallest details of the interior: the materials and colours used, dominated by wood and earthy tones, the various seating areas reminiscent of mountain huts, or the tiled floor evoking a babbling brook. A large amount of green and designer lighting completes the overall atmosphere.

In any case, besides its unique look, the new food court will also attract attention with its varied mix of restaurants and cafes. Up to ten gastro units will include popular fast food chains from abroad with drive-in concepts as well as regional gastro operators using local ingredients. The dining area will also include a brand new outdoor terrace with comfortable seating where customers will be able to enjoy refreshments in the fresh air and overlook the Ohře River and a nearby park with a children’s playground. Everything will be completed and ready for the first visitors this November.

The new Albert hypermarket will offer modern facilities in line with the latest trends. The existing store will be open until the beginning of August and then close for a few weeks to offer an even wider range of products and a more pleasant shopping environment from mid-September. It will cover an area of 3,800 m2 and will include self-service checkouts among the technical innovations. At the same time, customers can look forward to the aforementioned side entrance to the centre, which will give them quicker access to food shopping.

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