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Young people moved from the streets to shopping centers.

Malls in the region can be a paradise for youngsters, especially during the chilly spring break. In Most, some young people have turned a shopping center into a track for scooters. 


Here they have comfort, facilities, refreshments within reach, warmth and, above all, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. After the massive advancement of cell phones, the youth moved from the streets to the malls. However, Karlovy Vary is not as bad as the nearby Most , where young people used to ride scooters to the shopping center, or even Prague , where it has become a new major social problem. The situation worsens during the holidays, when young people do not know how to spend their free time. However, there are no significant excesses yet.


The problem is peaking these days. In Karlovy Vary, schoolchildren have spring break, moreover, midday temperatures do not even exceed freezing point. “You can see that it’s the holidays. The store was full of teenagers today. If only they behaved decently. But some are incredibly rude,” one of the saleswomen at the grocery checkout in Varyád, Karlovy Vary, sighed to a customer this week  . This shopping center is a complete paradise for the youth of Karlovy Vary. They have many comfortable places to sit, high-speed internet connection, and Varyáda is also easily accessible for pedestrians.

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